WE GBBR Type 91, in stock da lupo rosso

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WE GBBR Type 91, in stock da lupo rosso

Messaggio  Ospite il Gio Dic 10 2009, 01:23

Produced by the 205th Armor, Ministry of Defense, Taiwan, the T91 was based upon the tried and true T86 assault rifle by the Taiwan Armed Forces whilst incorporating features from both the M16 and the AR18 rifles with more modern features. The light weight T91 is both lighter and shorter than the T65 rifle it replaces, and features a 6 position telescopic stock.
Using their tried and true GBB system, WE releases the Type 91 Assault Rifle, used by the Taiwanese Military since 2004. This uniquely distinctive design features a square-like hand guard and a blocky 4 position telescopic stock. The rear iron sight can be removed for access to the 20mm weaver rails for mounting your favorite optics; a short 35mm long weaver rail is situated directly behind the bayonet lug, and can be used for attaching a bipod. The entirety of the WE T91 GBB-R is constructed from metal with ABS Furniture, making the T91 a very robust gun.
Though the blow-back sensation isn't as severe as other gas blowback rifles, the T91 makes it up with its insane accuracy. With groupings of a little over 3mm over 25 meters on semi, firing 1 shot every 0.5 seconds (10 shots), this is one of the more accurate GBB-R's in the market today.
Length (Retracted): 820mm
Length (Extended): 905mm

USD 258


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