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Messaggio  hollywood il Lun Dic 14 2009, 22:10

per me è una roba spalata!..
in vendita dal redwolf


Qui la descrizione dell'oggetto:

Citazione: Ever dreamed of a minimap / radar device to check where
friendlies are? Or a command / observation module like you see in the
movies and video games? Well that dream has now become a reality with
the T-Cube MT1268 Motion Tracker Unit. This is the ONLY device of its
kind available for civilian use Exclusively Available From RedWolf Aisoft, Motion Tracker's official worldwide distributor.
The MT1268 motion tracker from T-Cube is essentially a small,
lightweight GPS device utilizing satellite technology to find its own
position but then using UHF radio signaling to report its position to
other motion trackers in the area. Since it uses free GPS signals, the
use of this device does not require any subscription to any service and
therefore does not cost anything to use. The active interface can
connect with up to 10 unique users per channel with 20 available
channels. The range of communications between two devices is half a
The device features a 5-digit password coding system
meaning that even sharing the same channel with another user with a
different code will cause no crossover and thus not see one another. As
such, passcode protection can be used to isolate different games from
one another or different teams within a game or even different squads
within a team. 10 users per 20 channels with a 5-digit code give for 20
million possible unique users. The interface switches scanning radius
and scale from 500m to 300m to 150m; accurate to within 10m with
position updates every 2 seconds.
With a 6 hours internal battery and convenient MOLLE pouch, the device
needs to be aligned to north for proper vectoring but the simple
interface means that with practice, using it without proper alignment
(as long as the operator is aware of North) is easily possible. With
today's market range of stand-alone GPS devices running from
US$200-600, the motion tracker is on the cheaper end of the scale and
yet offers functionality totally unique to anything outside of military
Features include tracking of up to 9 other teammates on the scale
adjustable screen (150 meters, 300 meters, and 500 meters).
Synchronized countdown function allows the team-leader to start a
count-down timer on teammate's screens so that everyone can attack or
take a particular action once the time reaches zero. The timer function
can be set to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes.
An SOS function (holding down the MODE button for 3 seconds) will set
your dot to red on teammate's screens so they know you are in trouble.
Comes with a nylon pouch that allows you to mount the device onto your
chest through a molle system. The pouch is designed such that you can
open it up and see the screen, and then close it back up with one hand
when you are done.
The FIRMWARE will continue to be improved and downloading and upgrading
the firmware will be free. This is done by connecting the device
through the USB jack to your computer. Charging is also done with the
multi-voltage charger through the 5v DC jack for a good 6 hours of
operation on one charge (@ low screen brightness setting)
This double pack set includes 1x MT1268 Motion Tracker Unit, a nylon
carrying pouch designed to be mounted on a Molle system on your chest
or your arm, a multi-voltage charger, and an English instruction manual.
Future accessories will become available for this device in the coming
months, including mounting brackets on RIS rails and other great
Estimated Arrival Date at 18th December 2009. The tracking function
requires 2 to 10 units to work. If you do not currently own any Motion
Tracker Units, or you do not know anyone else with a unit, you should
purchase the Dual Pack version. C'è anche la possibilità di prenderlo
in coppia,
il peso è di 252g
i prezzi sono:
per il singolo: $250.00 (USD)
per la coppia: $490.00 (USD)

è anche bello esteticamente:


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Messaggio  Mino il Lun Dic 14 2009, 22:48

...Sinceramente sono un poco!!!

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